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Post Game Round Table – Giants vs Texans

Post Game Round Table – Giants vs Texans

The 2018 Regular Season discussion with the NY Giants on The Big Blue Round Table – a Frontliners Podcast ( https://www.facebook.com/nygfrontliners/ ).  Platform with hosts and stakeholders to have open dialogue inbetween seasons.Series of episodes before the game and after the matchup.

Episode: Week 3 Giants at Texans

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  1. Hey I’m an new listener but I am a long time NYG fan since 1984!! This was a pretty good show.. I may tune in more often! I am glad we got the W however we have to keep the momentum going.. as far as the stall in the 3rd quarter. Giants have never had killer instinct we have never continued to run up the score we play comfortable and let the teams think they can come back and win! This is nothing new.. Eli is not the total problem the McAdo system sucked!!! And Eli was too slow for it! And we dealt with it for years.. I’m a realist when it comes to my team.. I can talk about our flaws!!

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